We are here to make sure that everyone wins. Therefore, our ultimate priority is to always invest in relationships with our clients, candidates, and colleagues.


How it all started

McFly & Brown was founded in 2015 with the mission to help connect tech professionals to innovative jobs at organizations that work towards a better future. Due to years of experience in talent acquisition, we get that a job is more than work alone. We want to be the bridge between tech professionals and organizations.


Our values

Our values represent how we work, how we establish our long-term relationships with our candidates and customers, and ultimately, it defines our company culture. We are crazy about technology, your recruitment partner, and performance-driven.


At our place, it's all about celebrating success and creating a positive work environment. We host a weekly office VRIJMIBO and wrap up the month with an off-site VRIJMIBO. For our top performers, there's a Best Performers Lunch at Amsterdam's finest restaurants every month. But we also share success together by organizing semi-annual exotic trips.

Future-proof relationships

We go for short-term success and results, and invest in long-term cooperation. Thereby we can genuinely say that we invest in every relationship. We do this by really getting to know our candidates, the organizations we work with and the vacancies they entrust to us. We are honest, transparent, set the right expectations, are flexible and reachable even outside office hours. We invest in our people to help them grow and develop. We build relationships that are future-proof.

Goal oriented recruitment partner

We are a goal oriented recruitment partner for our clients, candidates and our colleagues. We help our clients, candidates and employees to realize their ambitions and objectives. We care about you as a candidate and as a client. Moreover, we are always aware of what you need, what you want and how we can help you. Even if we do not have any open vacancies, we like to stay in touch. In addition, this way, we are always aware of what you might need, what you might want, and how we can help you. Because of our willingness to achieve a goal set we can deliver the best service.

Ambitious winners

Our consultants are ambitious winners. We win for the ambitions and goals of our candidates, clients and ourselves. Only together with our candidates and clients we can Win-Win-Win! We therefore like to work with clients and candidates who want to work towards a better future. We are crazy about technological progress and want to keep abreast of the latest innovations. As a result, we always work with the latest technologies and recruitment tools to stay miles ahead of our competitors.

Professional autonomy

We want to perform and be the best. That's why we always go the extra mile for our candidates and clients. Depending on the situation and needs, we guide and advise clients, candidates and employees to achieve objectives and ambitions. Our enthusiasm allows us to help candidates and organizations find the perfect match. We invest in ourselves, in our jobs and in our careers. However, this is never at the expense of work-life balance, our values, candidates or clients. We celebrate our successes together and when we perform at our best it gives the most satisfaction.

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