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MCFLY & BROWN and its affiliated companies hereinafter referred to as “MCFLY & BROWN”) makes every reasonable effort to include accurate, complete and current information on this website; MCFLY & BROWN does not guarantee that the information on this website is complete, accurate, and free of technical or typographical errors. Prior to relying on this information, it is the responsibility of the website visitors to verify whether or not the information provided is correct.

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Contributions, correspondence or other information of any kind sent to MCFLY & BROWN through the website will be delivered without any restrictions or obligations from the part of MCFLY & BROWN and will not be considered confidential.

Privacy statement: MCFLY & BROWN welcomes users of this website. As far as MCFLY & BROWN uses any information about you, MCFLY & BROWN will do so responsibly. However, MCFLY & BROWN has no influence on the operation of the server on which the MCFLY & BROWN website is hosted. Information obtained from users of the MCFLY & BROWN website will be used for the purpose it was provided for. The information may be stored for a limited time in order to ensure the quality of customer service, to meet legal requirements or to send you information or news updates on request. MCFLY & BROWN will, however, never provide any client-specific information derived from her website to affiliated organizations for commercial purposes which are not related to the business of MCFLY & BROWN.

If you inform us that you do not want your information to be used for further contact with you, MCFLY & BROWN will take your request into account. MCFLY & BROWN may produce general statistics on the information provided by website users. This analysis can under no circumstance be related to any individual user and is solely used to evaluate the performance of the website. These figures may be used to inform us of the extent of the website use and to improve parts of the website for all our users. It is not permitted to download and/or reproduce the website photos. MCFLY & BROWN will not send unsolicited email to people who log onto this website. Spamming, sending unsolicited email, is neither done nor accepted by MCFLY & BROWN.

Email will only be used to respond to specific questions or issues, or to inform interested subscribers of certain events. Users may be enabled to establish connections from this website to other websites not related to MCFLY & BROWN.

This Privacy Statement will be revised in case MCFLY & BROWN modifies her procedures with regard to information obtained through the website. This site is created and managed by MCFLY & BROWN, a Dutch company, and the Dutch law is applicable to this disclaimer. For questions about this site, please contact the webmaster.